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NANOOS presently has two free mobile applications, NVS Assets and TsunamiEvac-NW. Both are available for both Apple mobile devices. Users with other platforms can access the full web version of these apps via a web browser on their phone or tablet.




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1 NVS Assets Mobile App View Summary
2 Tsunami Evac NW Mobile App View Summary

NVS (NANOOS Visualization System) Assets App

The NVS Assets App is a mobile version of the NVS Explorer Web App that provides easy access to data while you are on-the-go in the field or on the water.

The NVS Assets App displays data from a diversity of providers, including federal, tribal, state, academic, industry and non-profit organizations, who operate a wide variety of observing assets such as buoys, shore stations, sea-bed and coastal land-based stations. This composite view provides a more comprehensive view of ocean conditions.

Screen captures from the NVS Assets Mobile App

The NVS Assets App allows you to browse through a map of all NANOOS observing assets. You can then look at the most current data available, or obtain a plot of the last 7 days. Plots can be saved to your phone or iPod. Plots can shared by either email or SMS.


  • View the most recent data from all NANOOS observing assets
  • View 24 hour, 7 day and 30 day plots of data for trends in conditions
  • Share plots via Email or SMS
  • Searchable List view of Observing Assets
  • Favorites
  • Data display in either Scientific or Common Units

TsunamiEvac-NW App

The TsunamiEvac-NW App is a mobile version of the NVS Tsunami Evacuation Zones Web App that provides easy access to tsunami hazard areas on the Oregon and Washington coasts.

TsunamiEvac-NW provides you an at-a-glance view of where the tsunami hazard zones are along the Oregon and Washington coast, and allows you to map whether your home, work, school, etc. is located in a tsunami evacuation zone or not. To help you develop and plan your own evacuation routes, TsunamiEvac-NW enables you to save your current position or points of interest via GPS or address look-up.

Screen captures from the TsunamiEvac-NW Mobile App

TsunamiEvac-NW app developed by the Northwest Association of Networked Ocean Observing Systems (NANOOS)

Oregon and Washington tsunami evacuation zone maps developed by the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (DOGAMI) and the Washington Department of Natural Resources (WADNR)

As an important tool in preparing for a potentially catastrophic local or distant tsunami event for residents or visitors to the Pacific Northwest coast, TsunamiEvac-NW also displays the locations of places that will be of critical importance prior to, during, and following a tsunami event, including schools, bridges, assembly areas, and various local government buildings.


  • Up-to-date tsunami information published by Washington and Oregon state agencies and emergency managers, including evacuation zone maps, location of features of interest, and additional tsunami information for the public
  • Access to the most current tsunami warning bulletins from the West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center
  • Find a location by either address or GPS

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