The hindcast simulation of 2009 - 2014 is a shorter climatology we use as a proxy for a long-term climatology. We tested this assumption by comparing the physical forcing from the long-term climatology from CFS-R to the six years used in this study. The shorter climatology is representative of the longer-term climatology for SST and alongshore winds in the model domain.

Monthly average SST (degrees C) from CFS analysis, spatially averaged over the J-SCOPE domain. We compare SST values for 2009 (thin red line), 2011 (thin green line), 2012 (thin light blue line), and 2013 (thin purple line) with a monthly climatology calculated from CFS reanalysis of years 1979 - 2009 (thick black line). Thick blue lines indicate +/- one std of the monthly values for 1979-2009.

As in SST Figure above, for alongshore (North/South) monthly average wind speed (m/s), spatially averaged over the J-SCOPE domain.