Puget Sound Metrics

How does the ocean affect Puget Sound?

This metric compares how current coastal conditions track their long term average. For each variable, the current year (orange line) and last year (muted orange line) are compared to past years (gray lines) and their average (thick gray line). Any notable excursions from average indicate that Puget Sound will be receiving particularly warm/cold or salty/fresh waters, with higher or lower than average oxygen or chlorophyll content. Read More

Ćháʔba· Near-surface (1-meter) temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, and chlorophyll fluorescence data for the current year (orange line), last year (muted orange line) and past years (light gray lines) shown in relation to the average (dark gray line) including ∓ 1 standard deviation (dashed pink). Average conditions are computed using all available data. The vertical black line shows the date of the most recent plot update.