Puget Sound Metrics

How much habitat has sufficient oxygen?

This metric shows the thickness of the water column at a given location that is hypoxic (orange area) or potentially stressful (purple area). Also shown are the long-term averages (lines) for the data series. If the colored area is above the similarly colored line, that means there is more low oxygen water than average. Read More

Bar graph indicating the water thickness of low dissolved oxygen (DO) water as a function of time for both 5 mg/l (purple) and 2 mg/l (orange) limits for the 6 ORCA buoys in Puget Sound. The corresponding low DO water as a percent of the full-depth water column is shown on the right y-axis; the bottom depth for each buoy is noted above each panel. Average low DO taken over the full buoy time series (n years noted above each panel) is shown as the climatology for both the 5 mg/l (dark blue line) and 2 mg/l (red line) limits. The vertical black line shows the date of the most recent plot update. Data to the right of the black line are from the previous year and shaded lighter for both 5 mg/l (light purple) and 2 mg/l (light orange) to denote the change in time.