Puget Sound Metrics

How fast are Puget Sound's waters moving?

This metric shows how fast the deep inflow into Puget Sound is (this year, orange line, last year muted orange line) compared to the average of previous years (gray line). If the flow is above the average, that means there is faster inflow and Puget Sound flushes more quickly. Click on different basins to see their information. Read More

Estimate of deep (40-170 m) estuarine flow into the Main Basin. The top plot shows a time series of the last year (orange), previous years (gray) and the average of previous years (black), with quantities running-mean averaged over 7 days. 50% likelihood of the range of the actual flow is shown with light orange shading. The map shows the average flow for periods with data coverage over the past 60 days (orange vector) compared to all previous years' average for the same period (dark gray). The locations of two UW-ORCA moorings used to calculate the flow estimate are also shown (blue dots).