RealTime HABs

Water measurements at the NEMO Observatory site where the Environmental Sample Processor is located 13 miles off La Push, Washington from 9 September 2016 - 18 October 2016. These products are provided to help understand where toxic algae may be moving and the conditions that may influence toxic blooms.

Pseudo-nitzschia australis (Abundance)

Quantitative cell abundances of Pseudo-nitzschia australis. This species can sometimes produce the toxin domoic acid which can cause amnesic shellfish poisoning in humans.

Description of the Terms

Quantifiable: Sensor returned a positive value that could be quantified reliably.

≥ ULOQ: Value is greater than or equal to the Upper Limit Of Quantification. Value is above the sensor's ability to quantify reliably; true value is greater than the value reported by some unknown amount.

≤ LLOQ: Value is less than or equal to the Lower Limit Of Quantification. Value is below the sensor's ability to detect and/or quantify reliably; value could range from zero to the LLOQ value. All LLOQ values are for a 1 liter water sample.