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Pacific Northwest Waters: Gateway to Our Future

2 February 2012

Microsoft Conference Center, Redmond, Washington

Ensuring coastal safety requires an understanding of hazards such as tsunamis, flooding, erosion and harmful algal blooms. Monitoring and predicting the coastal ocean and estuaries provides direct economic benefits to maritime operations, ports and harbors, fisheries, aquaculture and the recreation and tourism industries. Even far inland, the ocean influences weather and climate affecting all businesses and citizens.

'Pacific Northwest Waters: Gateway to Our Future' brought together beneficiaries and providers of marine information to explore existing and emerging user needs for data, information and forecasts. The free to attend workshop was held at the Microsoft Conference Center in Redmond WA on February 2nd provided delegates from industries, governments, and academia with an opportunity to learn more about the benefits provided by sustained and integrated marine observations.



Regional Coastal Observing Systems



Central and Northern California

Great Lakes

Gulf of Mexico

Pacific Islands


Northeast Atlantic

Pacific Northwest

Southern California

Southeast Atlantic