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2014 - 2016 Pacific Anomalies Science and Technology

May 5-6, 2015

Scripps Institution of Oceanography

La Jolla, California

Unusual ocean weather and climate patterns have been observed throughout 2014 and early 2015 across the North Pacific basin. Areas of the North Pacific have been as much as 5°C warmer than average, earning the nickname the "Blob" in the US northeast, and affecting weather and climate patterns. Extreme conditions in physical and biogeochemical parameters are occurring in many locations, and appear to be impacting pelagic ecosystems, including fisheries. Two workshops are designed to understand the timing and scale of these anomalous oceanographic conditions in the North Pacific, with the intent of maximizing our global and coastal ocean observing systems to deliver information to meet societal needs.

The first workshop, held on May 5-6, 2015 at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, La Jolla, California, generated a series of research and development questions and issues related to these anomalies. The second, follow-up workshop, proposed for late October or November, 2015, will aim to improve our understanding of how these significant oceanographic variations arose, their impact on our water, weather, and economic well-being, and ways in which we can potentially improve predictive capabilities.



Pacific Anomalies Workshop: Part 1 of 2

Pacific Anomalies Workshop: Part 2 of 2






Photo Gallery

Jan Newton Gives Us Our Workshop Goals

Nick Bond's Presentation

Wendy Enright's Presentation

Michelle Gierach's Presentation

Ralf Goericke's Presentation

Benigno Hernandez de la Torre's Presentation

Kyle Hilburn's Presentation

John McGowan's Presentation

Eric Miller's Presentation

Joe Needoba's Presentation

Jan Newton's Presentation

Dan Reed's Presentation

Bill Sydeman's Presentation

Richard Thoman's Presentation

Global Pacific Panel Discussion

Jeffrey Laake Comment

Pacific Northwest Coast Panel Discussion

Breaks During Our Workshop Allow Impromptu Brainstorming

Breaks Incite Great Networking and Discussions

Some Fresh Air Recharges The Participants

Posters On Display

Reception Inspires Discussion

A Beautiful Setting For A Great Workshop

Francisco Chavez's Interview With San Diego's Channel 10 News

Sam McClatchie's Interview With San Diego's Channel 10 News

Molly McCammon, Carl Gouldman, Julie Thomas, and Jan Newton

Olav Ormseth and Jamal Moss

Sam McClatchie, jennifer Fisher, and Dan Rudnick

Jim Eckman With Knauss Fellow Amy Bowman

Uwe Send and Mark Ohman



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